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3 generations together: Pistol-Munchie-Kanan  


We have no litters planned or anticipated at this time. 
As a result, we are not currently adding any parties to our waiting list.
We highly recommend beginning your search with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of the USA breeder referral.

Feel free to send us an inquiry with any questions you may have about our breeds or our breeding program.


April 2020 - "Wizard of Oz" Litter: Saga x Pistol

March 2020 - Aero x Elphie (co-bred with Maetoll Retrievers)
Produced Bounce

June 2018 - "Super Troopers" Litter: Brandt x Pistol

September 2014 - "Three Little Witches" Litter: Todd x Avery (co-bred with Maetoll Retrievers)
Produced PistolElphie, & Ryder



We strive to own and produce versatile sporting dogs. We do not breed often and endeavor to improve the breed with each of our few litters, aiming to produce puppies sound in body and mind from health-tested parents. We do not ship puppies and all buyers agree to buy under contract. FoxPoint puppies will not be placed with their new homes until they - at minimum - have had their first series of vaccines, are dewormed, and have been microchipped and individually registered with the American Kennel Club. If interested in a FoxPoint puppy, we encourage you to contact us early, as we typically have a waiting list.

Our litters are raised in a home environment with regular interaction and handling. During a critical development window from their third day through their sixteenth day, we utilize early neural stimulation (ENS) protocols with each of our puppies. Based on military canine programs, when conducted in once daily short intervals (3-5 seconds each) during this developmental period, these exercises have been shown to benefit the development of improved cardiovascular performance and adrenal glands as well as greater stress tolerance and disease resistance. Our puppies are exposed to a variety of surfaces, sights, odors, sounds, and people throughout their time with us including a puppy "jungle gym". FoxPoint puppies are introduced to a variety of game birds, usually via wing or frozen training bird to start, beginning at approximately four weeks of age. Additionally, we begin basic obedience training (e.g. sit, down, wait, recall) as well as settling exercises (e.g. go to mat) and crate training. We also litter box train our puppies to help with the housebreaking process in addition to beginning adventures outside at around five weeks of age. Our puppies typically join their new families beginning around 8 to 9 weeks of age so that they can acclimate to their new environment within the first critical socialization period which typically ends around 3 months of age.

FoxPoint puppy buyers must agree to continue socialization through an appropriate puppy or basic manners class. While we do not require our puppy buyers to pursue titles in any specific sport, we do require that our puppies go to active homes. Tollers, particularly those still in adolescence, need a job! We seek and expect frequent contact with our FoxPoint family of puppy owners and are happy to provide a lifetime of mentoring and support. 

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Please take a few moments to review our breed information page - including the Top 10 Reasons NOT to Get a Toller!

    Seven things you need to know before you start looking for a Toller puppy
- reposted with permission from Geronimo Kennels -

Some important points as you consider inquiring about a FoxPoint puppy
1. Learn before you start looking: 
The breed is not for everyone, and we will only sell to active homes where our puppies will be a member of the family and engaged in some type of activity. Not all of our puppies will be a show dog, a hunting dog, or a performance dog, but they all can have - and need - a job! 
2. Understand what you will be paying and why.  
The parents of our puppies are shown and compete in multiple venues to prove they have the ability and versatility that attracted us to Tollers. They also undergo a regimen of health screenings as is recommended by the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA) – and some health screenings that are not – just to ensure that the dogs we are breeding are maintaining great health over generations. For these reasons, our puppies are not cheap.
Be cautious of puppies that are priced way over or way under the average. Chances are the quality of health and temperament won’t be there. 
3.  If you can’t afford one, seriously, wait until you can instead of shopping. (And be willing to wait for the right puppy!)
Kelly had been involved in the breed for close to a decade before owning her first Toller. It was 6 years of owning the breed before our first breeding in house. Finding and breeding the best dogs takes time. We do not breed frequently and may go years between litters.
Wait for a quality puppy from a good breeder; you’ll be glad you did. 
4. Don't expect to choose your puppy.
We have been doing this a long time–trust us. We have a good idea by 8 weeks what each puppy’s strength will be, and we want your new puppy to be in an environment where he thrives and for each new puppy owner to get the puppy that will fit whatever job they have lined up.
5. Don't be picky about markings or nose color.
"Perfectly" marked Tollers with all the chrome are significantly less common than their plainly marked or mismarked (too much white) counterparts.
There is a lot more to a great Toller than markings! 
6. We (generally) do not sell breeding stock to the public. 
Most reputable Toller breeders do not. Tollers are a rare breed for a reason! They are not easy dogs to breed, from a health standpoint, and doing it right is expensive and takes time. Now, if breeding is something that may interest you down the road, prove it – get a performance puppy from us and show him. Prove that you will put the time into your dog by training, learning about the breed and competing. We'll be happy to mentor you along the way!
7. We might try to convince you not to get a Toller.
Don’t take this personally; Tollers aren’t for everyone! Although our goal is to breed dogs that will make great family members as well as hunting buddies, Tollers are talented athletes and will have specific training needs. We want to be sure you are prepared before you get one!